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“Alto a la represión que viven los habitantes de San Juan Copala”: APPO

Carina García   
Martes, 03 de Agosto de 2010 16:03
El integrante de Voces Oaxaqueñas Construyendo la Antinomia y Libertad (VOCAL), David Venegas, reiteró su solidaridad con los habitantes de la comunidad de San Juan Copala, en la región triqui; y previo a la movilización con simpatizantes de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO) señaló que no alimentan la provocación que hoy ha gestado el gobierno del Estado al tratar de militarizar la zona.

Al respecto afirmó que la agresión paramilitar y policiaca registrada en el municipio autónomo de de San Juan Copala el pasado 30 de Julio con el pretexto de rescatar el cadáver de Anastasio Juárez, agente municipal e integrante de la Unidad de Bienestar Social de la Región Triqui (UBISORT), es una muestra la intención política y la provocación que el gobierno Estatal ha hecho para desacreditar el movimiento autónomo de esta comunidad.
Subrayó que ante esta situación los integrantes del municipio autónomo han hecho un llamado a las organizaciones en general para hacer acciones de movilización y solidaridad, por ello el llamado del colectivo VOCAL es poner un alto a la represión que viven los habitantes de San Juan Copala.
En este mismo sentido expresó que a través de la provocación se justifica la entrada de la policía estatal y reinstalar a la UBISORT en San Juan Copala, situación que no sucedió cuando se agredió a la caravana donde murieran dos activistas el pasado 27 de abril, donde era necesario rescatar a quienes quedaron atrapados por espacio de dos días.
Los simpatizantes de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO) durante algunos minutos de esta mañana se apostaron frente a las oficinas del Tribunal Superior de Justicia en el perímetro de Ixcotel, donde bloquearon la carretera 190 para demandar un alto a la represión que se ha ejercido en contra de los habitantes del municipio autónomo de San Juan Copala.

-San Juan Copala Under Paramilitary Control Following Police Raid

-COMUNICADO:El digno pueblo triqui de San Juan Copala hace un llamado desesperado de auxilio.

San Juan Copala Under Paramilitary Control Following Police Raid

Posted by Ahni on August 1, 2010 
Two days ago, more than one hundred Oaxaca state troopers raided the autonomous indigenous municipality of San Juan Copala, in Oaxaca, Mexico.
The shocking move reveals the extent of the Oaxaca government's complicity in the murders, the illegal blockade and the rampant human rights violations of the Triqui community at the hands of the paramilitary group UBISORT.
Following the raid, roughly thirty members of UBISORT, who had accompanied the police on their so-called 'humanitarian mission', occupied the autonomous municipality's town hall. As a result, San Juan Copala is now effectively under the control of UBISROT.

Kristin Bricker Reports.

Breaking: San Juan Copala, Oaxaca, Under Paramilitary Control Following Police Raid

Police Raid Belies Government Excuses About Why It Refused to Break the Months-Long Paramilitary Blockade

At approximately 12:15 pm on July 30, over one hundred Oaxaca state police raided the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala. Approximately thirty heavily armed members of the Union for the Social Well-being of the Triqui Region (UBISORT, a paramilitary organization) accompanied the police on the raid. Rufino Juárez, UBISORT's leader, reportedly participated in the raid.
The goal of the raid, according to the state government, was to remove the body of Anastasio Juárez Hernández from his home in San Juan Copala. Police did remove the dead man from his home and then left San Juan Copala. However, the paramilitaries, taking advantage of the police presence, took over San Juan Copala's town hall. The town hall is now occupied by thirty UBISORT paramilitaries armed with automatic assault rifles. "They have taken over control of the entire town," reports a source close to the autonomous authorities.
Meanwhile, the Mexican military has deployed soldiers to La Sabana, a nearby town that is controled by UBISORT. Thus far the soldiers have not entered San Juan Copala.
Two young indigenous Triqui women were wounded when the paramilitaries and police entered San Juan Copala. The women were part of a human blockade at the entrance to the town that attempted to impede the police and paramilitaries' access. The two women, ages 15 and 18, were "gravely wounded" when paramilitaries from UBISORT shot them as they entered San Juan Copala. The women were evacuated and are being treated at an undisclosed location.
Mysterious Murder
Autonomous authorities questioned the circumstances of the raid in a communique published on their website, In the communique, the autonomous municipality claims that Juárez Hernández was actually murdered in the city of Juxtlahuaca, implying that his body was later planted in San Juan Copala in order to justify the police raid.
Local press immediately parroted the government's claims that Juárez Hernández, who was UBISORT leader Rufino Juárez's brother and the government-recognized "municipal agent" of San Juan Copala, was murdered in his home in San Juan Copala. Juárez Hernández was not elected to the position of municipal agent; UBISORT appointed him to that position this past November.
The claim that Juárez Hernández was murdered in his home in San Juan Copala raises several questions about its veracity: How did Juarez Hernandez enter San Juan Copala, a town which his organization, UBISORT, has successfully blockaded with boulders, logs, and gunmen since January? Why would Juárez Hernández enter San Juan Copala, a town whose remaining residents fully support the autonomous municipality? UBISORT claims that the autonomous municipality is armed. So why would Juárez Hernández enter a town whose only residents are bitter enemies whom his organization claims are armed?
It is true that police retrieved Juárez Hernández's body from his home in San Juan Copala. San Juan Copala has historically been an important cultural, political, economic, and spiritual center for the lower Triqui region. San Juan Copala has historically had very few permanent residents. Leaders had homes in San Juan Copala, but they only lived there when they were serving the public. When their service was over, they returned to their permanent homes in other communities. Furthermore, most of San Juan Copala's residents (seasonal and permanent) have fled the area due to the violence and the paramilitary blockade. As a result, many Triquis have homes in San Juan Copala that they rarely or never inhabit. Such was Juárez Hernández's case. While his body was recovered on his property, residents report that he did not live there at the time of the murder.
Due to frequent fire that comes from paramilitary sharp-shooters stationed in the hills that surround San Juan Copala, the town's streets are deserted. No one leaves their homes unless absolutely necessary, and those who do leave frequently come under fire if the sharp-shooters spot them. The siege makes it relatively easy for someone who his complicit with the sharp-shooters to plant a body without anyone noticing, because residents spend the majority of their lives hidden in their homes away from any windows.
Regardless of how or where Juárez Hernández died, the consequences of his murder are painfully apparent for San Juan Copala's residents. Their town is occupied by heavily armed paramilitaries who were escorted in by state police. To add insult to injury, the raid comes after seven months of a paramilitary blockade that the government has claimed it is incapable of breaking despite the autonomous municipality's claims that residents may starve to death if the blockade continues. The raid's irony wasn't lost on the Oaxaca-based Bartolomé Carrasco Briseño Human Rights Center, who wrote in a press release:
"It is inconsistent and paradoxical that when security measures were requested so that the 'Bety and Jiry' Humanitarian Caravan could enter [San Juan Copala] and leave food supplies, the State did not fulfill its responsibility and prevented the Caravan from fulfilling its mission. At that time, [the state] put together an impressive operation that was headed by the State Attorney General, the State Security Commissioner, and the President of the Oaxaca Human Rights Commission, which impeded the caravan's passage. They argued that conditions did not permit a safe entrance, and that not even the police could enter that territory. But in reality, they were just protecting the armed group named UBISORT.
"Now it is absurd that the authorities could put together an entire operation in order to carry out the initial investigation of the homicide, and that now they can enter [San Juan Copala] and on top of that repress the people, when before they did not listen, nor did they act, when faced with the demands of hundreds of residents of the autonomous municipality who requested food, the reinstallation of basic services, treatment for sick people, under the false argument that they were incapable of entering the zone and that they would not risk their people."
The government's preferential treatment of the paramilitaries is unmistakable: in addition to deploying armed state police to guard the UBISORT's blockade when the humanitarian caravan attempted to enter San Juan Copala this past June, the government has failed to act when members of the autonomous municipality have come under attack, presumably by government-aligned paramilitaries. Just this past July 26, Maria Rosa Francisco disappeared when her home in San Juan Copala came under fire. All of her animals were killed in the attack, and she remains missing and is feared dead. The Bartolomé Carrasco Briseño Human Rights Center publicly denounced the attack and called on its supporters to contact the government and demand that put an end to the violence.
The Human Rights Center's pleas were met with indifference in the government. However, as soon as a paramilitary's cadaver appeared in San Juan Copala, the government acted.

Financial Support Desperately Needed

The autonomous municipality reports that it desperately needs money to pay for the wounded women's medical treatment and to buy phone credit in order to communicate with the press and human rights organizations.
In Mexico, donations may be deposited in the account at HSBC: 4023256654. The account is the name of Minerva Nora Martínez Lázaro.
For international deposits: Interbank Key: 021610040232566547 ABA Code 021000021 BRANCH: BIMEMXMM
The Municipality also asks that you register by sending your deposit amount, date and time of deposit to: and


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El digno pueblo triqui de San Juan Copala hace un llamado desesperado de auxilio.

San Juan Copala, Oaxaca a 28 de julio de 2010.


El pueblo triqui les pide que sea la voz y las acciones de la gente humilde y sencilla quien evite la masacre que el gobierno del Estado prepara en nuestra comunidad, desde luego con la complacencia del gobierno Federal, que no VE ni OYE el llamado de justicia, paz, y respeto de las pueblos indígenas de este País.

En días pasados, en la prensa local, específicamente en el periódico NOTICIAS, circuló la nota emitida por el C. Evencio Nicolás Martínez Ramírez, actual secretario de gobierno, afirmando que nosotros como MULTI habíamos acordado sentarnos a una mesa de dialogo con el mult y la ubisort. Inmediatamente desmentimos públicamente tal afirmación, pues en ningún momento hemos acordado nada con dicho funcionario.

Como respuesta a dicha aclaración los hechos de violencia y hostigamiento han aumentado exageradamente, pues a partir de ese día las balaceras a nuestra comunidad han sido más constantes.

Por compañeros que tienen acceso a los dirigentes del mult y al otro grupo de criminales que se dicen ubisort, tenemos conocimiento que los representantes de estos dos grupos se reúnen con gente del gobierno del Estado en Juxtlahuaca para planear y acordar cómo acabar con nuestro pueblo antes de que el gobierno actual entregue el cargo. Cabe mencionar que, sabemos también que en estas reuniones han acordado acabar con la vida de nuestros representantes en la ciudad, porque piensan que son ellos los que deciden nuestros destinos como pueblo.

Lo decimos con claridad: ¡gran equivocación! nuestro proceder para enfrentar esta situación la deciden nuestras comunidades anteponiendo nuestra dignidad y la grandeza de nuestra historia cosa que ellos desconocen, nuestro pueblo sabe que la única esperanza de poder lograr una vida digna y en paz solo será con la solidaridad de nuestro país y del mundo es por esto que hacemos el llamado de auxilio y narramos los últimos hechos CRIMINALES en contra de nuestro municipio.

A partir de haber desmentido al secretario de gobierno el compañero Jorge Albino Ortiz se han recibido varias amenazas a través de su teléfono celular de números con ladas de otros estados, y también por medio de sus de familiares le han hecho saber que hay ordenes de desaparecerlo.

También las balaceras han sido mas fuertes llegando a tanto la perversidad de quienes realizan esta acción que el día 26 cuando la compañera MARIA ROSA FRANCISCO de 35 años se atrevió a salir a buscar leña estos criminales empezaron a disparar sobre todo lo que se movía en la comunidad por espacio de dos horas matando decenas de animales domésticos como aves de corral, cerdos y perros de la compañera desde ese momento no sabemos nada hemos preguntado con nuestros hermanos de otros pueblos cercanos y nadie sabe nada por lo que tememos que la compañera allá sido asesinada y nadie puede buscarla para en el peor de los casos darle cristiana sepultura.

Es por eso que hacemos el llamado a que todos los espacios de gente que camina abajo y a la izquierda estén atentos y si se puede se manifiesten según su modo para denunciar estos hechos criminales. Por nuestra parte nosotros hacemos responsables de lo que pueda suceder a ULISES RUIZ ORTIZ Y A EVENSIO MARTINEZ NICOLAS por que estamos seguros son ellos los que en lugar de cumplir con su deber de procurar paz y justicia han ocupado su poder como gobernantes para sembrar la división y confrontación de los pueblos de Oaxaca.


Vocero del municipio autónomo



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  1. hola pues yo soy hermana de un preso politico que fue detenido por defender y participar por un ideal comun ,si fuera poco fue torturado en el transcurso del traslado al penal de maxia seguridad del estado de nayarit, siendo un menor de edad pero por la altura que tiene lo reprendieron y tratado como un delincuente de alta peligrosidad hicieron caso a oidos sordos y como acabo de ver en el video de emeterio pienso que si hay bastaante evidencia no solo para un juicio politico si no tambien para meterlo al reclusorio ya que el si de verdad es un asesino,violador de los derechos y garantias de los ciudadanos del estado de oaxaca ya que no somos uno sino muchos los afectados y destruidos con estos hechos que nunca se olvidaran mientras sigan gobernantes que piensen en su propia comodidad antes que al pueblo cuando el pueblo le da esas satisfacsiones,bueno me despido y la lucha sige